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Ambu Inc.

6230 Old Dobbin Lane, Suite 250
Maryland 21045
Phone: (800) 262-8462
Fax: (800) 262-8673
E-mail: promotions@ambu.com
Blue Sensor Electrodes, Supata

The medium-size Ambu Blue Sensor SU is the world’s first tab electrode featuring a wet gel. The combination of wet gel and superior quick adhesion provides optimal signal quality during 12-lead diagnostic resting applications. Ten SU electrodes are packed on a single liner so there is no need to peel off individual backing material. Thanks to the special occlusive backing material, the electrode will not absorb liquids.

*Highly conductive wet gel
*Superior quick adhesion
*Ten electrodes on a single liner
*Occlusive backing material
*High-quality Ag/AgCl sensor

Blue Sensor Electrodes, Supata
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Item NumberSU-00-A/60
PriceUSD 13.10
Unit Size60
Quantity *

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IE SU Datasheet
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Blue Sensor Electrodes, Supata

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